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Executive functioning, broadly taken to mean the independent, intentional behaviors that arise from skills in goal setting, planning, organizing and executing, is often overlooked by students and educators interested in improving their overall academic performance. Ironically, numerous studies, both qualitative and quantitative, have shown time and again that executive functioning skills are directly related to […]

March 1, 2023

Executive Functioning: What It Is, Why It’s Important And How You Can Improve It.

Although high schoolers perennially insist that their parents don’t know what it’s like to deal with the stress of standardized testing, the SAT has been striking fear into the hearts of high school students since the 1920s. Despite the fact that there’s still much debate about the effectiveness of the SAT and other standardized tests, […]

March 1, 2023

The New, New SAT: Untangling the Confusing Evolution of the SAT Test