M.L. - University of Pennsylvania, worked with Bloom in 2016 
A winning strategy to get me to my top choice school

 After working with Salima for four months, I can truly proclaim that she is one of the most caring and understanding people that I know. I really admired her vivacious personality and her devout dedication to my success. She was always there to support me when I needed help with anything, from sending emails to giving me pep talks before my university intervie ...
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Alana G. - University of Texas - Austin, worked with Bloom in 2011 
United States
Raised my SAT score over 500 points and got into my dream school

 Earlier this year, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Radio-TV-Film. None of the last four years would have been possible without the help of Salima. From the get-go, I had the intention of going to an American university, though I had no idea where to start. All I knew is that I wanted three things: school spirit, football, and a ...
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Joanna T. - Northwestern University, worked with Bloom in 2011 
Canada Contact this person Joanna T
Would Not Have Gotten Into University or Graduate School without Bloom!

 I worked with Salima in grades 11 and 12 on SAT prep as well as college applications. Not only did she make the process that much easier, she made it enjoyable because she really cares about more than just getting you into a school of your choice – she was more like a friend to me than a college counselor, and definitely a big part of my support system thr ...
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Janine and Paul Mayer​. - San Diego​, CA, worked with Bloom in 2015  
United States Contact Contact this person Janine and Paul Mayer​
Worked remotely and with huge succes

 We are Canadian​s​ living in San Diego and our son has been attending boarding school in Delaware. Given our relative lack of familiarity with the US College ap​​plication process we knew we would need some guidance. We interviewed a couple of consultants in California but our son, Max, didn't feel either was a good fit; in his words one was "too aggre ...
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Aasiya P. - Emory University, worked with Bloom in 2016 
United States
Got into my top choice school

 Working with Salima was an amazing experience. She was extremely reliable and helpful in every way possible. There is no way I would have gotten into my dream school if I didn't have her. 

Q.L. - Northeastern University, worked with Bloom in 2016 
Incredible Help for an Athlete Looking to be Recruited
I’ve played sports all my life. They were where I expressed myself. I was able to push myself, everyday, in an attempt to succeed. I knew that I wanted to run track in university but I didn’t know very much about it. Early on in high school I would occasionally hear other athletes older than me talking to coaches of both Canadian and American schools but I never thought that I would one day be ...
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