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At Bloom, we have extensive experience assisting students with their application essays, a central component to the application process. We help students from start to finish on strategy surrounding the common app essay and individual supplements for students applying to American universities, and personal statements and personal profiles for those applying to universities in Canada, the UK and abroad.

We work with students not only on editing their essays, but also on determining the best way to present them through their essays and supplements, offered through our individual or packaged-based programs. To reach out for more individualized and tailored support, please contact us here

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Narrative, Style & Theme

Are you telling the right story?
Is this the most effective topic to convey your message?
What is the perception of your message and story?
Is your style working? Is it too gimmicky?
Is the theme coming across the way you intended?

Diction & Syntax

Still searching for one, or a few, perfect word(s) to complete your idea?
Have you determined the word choice that best describes your story?
Is your point of view clear?
Are you too formal? Too informal?
Is your choice of words working effectively in your essay?

Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation

Are there errors that you’ve missed (minute or flagrant?)
Did you use the wrong word, but spell it correctly?
Is the point of your essay lost in misused or overused punctuation?

At Bloom, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service at the best price

We at Bloom implemented our essay editing service for both convenience and affordability. We understand that it is simply not financially possible for many students to use an independent consultant for the whole college process; therefore, we wanted to devise an essay editing platform for students to get high quality feedback and edits at a competitive rate.

Every essay is billed according to the maximum word count of the prompt for college essays. For example, since the Common App essay max word count is 650, all Common App essays will be billed at 650 words.

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