Career Counselling

Bloom offers career guidance and advice, working with individuals to set goals, uncover and pursue interests, create professional resumes and cover letters, and secure jobs and internships.

Internship Preparation & Guidance

Bloom helps students access internships and job opportunities, advising them on where they should be looking, what kinds of jobs are available, and in applying to these jobs. Figuring out where to begin can often be the hardest part. At Bloom, we take the time to get to know students and applicants very well so that we can better assist them in this critical process.

Bloom helps students access job opportunities across all industries, including specialized areas that are hard to enter such as investment banking, sales and trade, and private equity.

360-View Prep

At Bloom, the interview is one of our favorite challenges to tackle. Interviews are the single best opportunity for schools, universities, graduate programs, and potential employers to get to know applicants, whether in a formal or an informal setting.

Bloom’s 360-view package is the most thorough interview preparation we offer, a proprietary 5-step plan to the interview process that helps students succeeed in today's fast-changing academic and career climate.


Résumé Preparation & Review

Bloom assists students and applicants in creating résumés that are professional and targeted towards certain jobs, companies, and positions. We help in drafting, editing, and finalizing résumés to highlight specific strengths, experiences, and applicable skills.

Cover Letter Preparation & Review

The cover letter is often the best opportunity to demonstrate to potential employees your suitability for the company, unique experiences, and the contributions you will make. Bloom helps applicants draft cover letters that are clear, concise, relevant, and impressive. Bloom is focused on ensuring applicants are presented in the best and most authentic light to potential employees.