Admissions Consulting

Bloom works with students and families from start to finish in applying to private/independent schools, boarding schools, colleges, universities, and graduate programs in the US, UK, Canada, and worldwide. We help navigate the complex world of admissions through personalized coaching and guidance, strategizing on all facets of the application process. For the full suite of services, please see below:

Private, Independent School and Boarding School Admissions

Having attended a top independent/boarding school, Salima is highly knowledgeable about the challenges of not only applying to but also succeeding at one of these institutions. Bloom helps students to identify best-fit schools based on the student’s/family’s criteria and through getting to know students and families very well. Bloom walks clients through the process from beginning to end, including selecting schools, interviewing, visiting, essay writing, and taking the necessary standardized tests for admission.

Undergraduate Admissions

The undergraduate admissions process is becoming increasingly complex, not just for US universities, but also for Canada, the UK, and abroad. Students begin to prepare for this process as early as grade 9/freshman year through effective course planning and studying for standardized testing. Bloom helps navigate the many components of the undergraduate application process, providing tailored guidance and strategic advice to make an inherently overwhelming process a fun and rewarding experience. US applications are a favourite here at Bloom!

Business School Applications

Bloom helps countless students achieve their business school goals, offering great insight into the business school application process. Business school applications are some of the most challenging and rewarding out there, often requiring multiple essays and significant time and effort to complete. Stress is usually compounded by the fact that most applicants are working while applying, some while also studying for entrance exams. At Bloom, we work with applicants to highlight strengths, draft clear statements about their career and future goals, and present themselves effectively to business school admissions committees. Bloom is especially passionate about the critical interview component of the b-school application, offering 360-view preparation as a central part of the application process.

Transfer Admissions

Transferring can be uniquely stressful because for many students it feels like their last chance to get it right in terms of school choice. Added stress comes from transferring to educational institutions in different countries or regions where the evaluation criteria and grading systems are different. The reality is that there are many options when it comes to the transfer process and that no door is every really closed. Bloom offers countless solutions and paths for students in the transfer process, helping them realize the options they have available to them and assisting them with every step along the way.

Graduate Admissions

At Bloom, we love working with students on applications to all different kinds of graduate programs around the world, including but not limited to the US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, and Ireland. Whether you’re interested in applying for a Master’s or PhD in Film, Theological Studies, Engineering, Public Health, or any other type of program, Bloom assists with everything from school selection to reference letters to essays, and every little detail in between.

Athletic Recruiting

For elite athletes, the process of applying can be very different from the “regular” channels. Athletes face a unique pressure in having to present themselves to coaches, learn about the NCAA and its regulations, focus on their sport, and juggle academics and standardized testing simultaneously. Bloom helps ease the enormous pressure on athletes to help them find their fit: a balance of academics and athletics that suits their needs and their family’s budget.

Law School Applications

The dreaded LSAT is what most people think of when they consider applying to law school; fortunately, law school admissions look for more than just strong LSAT scores. Law school applications can be multifaceted, differing based on region, applicant type, etc. Bloom guides students through the entire process, including identifying which schools are best based on the student’s interests and needs, drafting and editing personal statements, resume-building, and completing applications.

Medical School Applications

Applying to medical school can be a long and intensive process. At Bloom, we help students alleviate the stress by guiding them through the many components of med school applications in Canada, the US, and abroad. We assist with everything from school selection, personal statement drafting, editing, and review, resume/CV and autobiographical sketch work to MMI and CASPer Preparation. Though it is preferable to contact us before you begin, we have successfully helped students at various stages throughout the application timeline. Whether you need help presenting yourself in the best possible light the first time around, are on your second or third try applying, or just need targeted MMI preparation, we can help.