About Us

About Us

Bloom was established by Salima F. Rasul, who has extensive professional experience guiding students through the complexities of the admissions process, helping students gain entrance to programs that include private, independent, undergraduate, and graduate schools across the US, Canada, and abroad. Through her educational background and previous work in this field, she is uniquely qualified to assist students in finding their fit and helping them achieve their educational goals.

On the career counselling side, in addition to her professional work in this area, Salima served as Career Representative for her class at Columbia Business School, assisting fellow students in career and industry changes and advancement. Salima is passionate about career counselling, seeing it as an imperative service to help students bridge the gap between their academic and professional lives.

Who We Are :

Bloom is a global educational consulting firm that provides education and career solutions to people and institutions worldwide through tailored strategy and advice.


Bloom offers strategic advice and guidance on the admissions process and career possibilities for people of all ages, to a wide variety of programs that span a gamut of subjects. Our goal is to turn a typically stressful time into a fun and transformative experience for students and families. At Bloom, we aim to provide the highest quality of service to our clients, with a focus on excellence, authenticity, productivity, and integrity.

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At Bloom, we uphold the highest standards of privacy. It is imperative to the success of this process that the applicant and the consultant build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Rest assured that all information shared with the consultant will be kept entirely confidential.

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To achieve your Goals, You must Know our Strengths. Get The Details of what our customers say about Bloom, we are ready to provide education and career solutions to people and institutions worldwide.

Bloom Education was one of the best investments we made in our sons education! Salima was always one step ahead of the process and was always patient and knowledgeable, and her response to any question was always done so quickly!
Janine Mayer